Hi! I am Greg!

I create logos

UK based graphic designer from Oakham, Rutland, Leicestershire. I designs unique logos & brand identities.

The logo is the first part of your marketing arsenal.

A well designed logo can make a great first impression on your brand and it is sending important messages to the clients about your business. Great logo design reflects a great business and professionalism. The logo should work for you and help achieve goals and make more profitable your business. It can make the difference between you and your competition! 


Every logo design projects start with paper and pencil. Drawing concepts gives the ability to the designer to explore numerous ideas quickly. 


Designing a logo is not an easy process. It requires research, thought and attention to ensure the final logo design reflects the right message.


I’m constantly educate myself and improving skills, always up to date with trends, techniques. I create design to solve specific problems.

About Me

I am very passionate in helping small businesses and individuals build their brand and tell their stories through graphic designing.  It gives me the power to make an impact on my client’s businesses and I can leave my mark for the future! When I’m not helping others kick-start their dream project, I am soaking up a new book or sketching my ideas. 
Good logo design always starting on a paper!

Logo Design Blog

Designing the most effective logo is not a quick or easy process.

It requires research, thought and attention to ensure the final logo design targets the correct market and audience and reflect the right message. A poorly designed logo will have a negative effect on your business, however, a carefully designed logo can transform a business by attracting the right people. Want to get started or know more? You lose nothing! Contact me.