Ascot 1972

Logo design for a casual shoe brand

An old brand reborn in new shoes

The Mission

Ascot is a company that offers high-end footwear products. 1972 is the casual leather footwear line, and it is the year when it was established.

The company approached me to design a simple but identifiable mark that would allow them to stand out from the competition. Furthermore, give the opportunity to re-start this line of the brand allowing to the business grow again.

It was important that the logo attract older and younger generations. It was also important that the design appeals to men who want to have the comfort and quality, while the product remains affordable.

The Output

I helped the client understand their audience by running a strategy session. Inspired by old school badge designs. The crafted Ascot logo design is contemporary, however, reflects the heritage of the company. To sum up, I developed a symbol that helped bind everything together – “affordable quality”.

The Impact

Since the project has handed over, the Ascot 1972 line has been started producing new designs and reaching their well-defined target audience. With a new Ascot logo design, the company has increased brand recognition and launched a successful product line.




Ascot 1972


Logo Design
Identity Design
Brand Strategy

A new old
shoe line.

Logo design for a casual shoe brand

I explored various routes during the design phase. However, the strongest direction came when working to create a badge type logo what gave the old school feeling to the design. This variation of the logo is easily transferable to the leather material. To push the idea further, I added additional elements to the brand mark. Also, explored various styles of the circle badges to achieve the final symbol.

Work on typography

To compliment the circle badge, I used a bold, serif typeface that has added old school feel to it, while it remains approachable for any generations. Whilst the design is simple and looking professional, the characteristics of the typeface also allow it to feel honest and serious.The result is a very stylised and serious logo design that simple, yet modern and energetic logo. That will work well for a casual leather line when the time comes to production. I feel confident that people will be happy to wear this mark with pride.

Color & Material

Nature of the style of the logo and placement of it I have used black as a primary colour for the logo design what still gives some dept to the logo design while they will use it on different materials or packages. The company can use the light grey and white as a secondary colour.

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