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Branding is one of the most crucial parts of your business. A powerful brand identity increases the worth of your organization, it inspires and gives direction to employees.

Branding helps you to recognize a product and distinguish it from another product. Branding is essential because it creates a memorable impression on customers and also allows your client to know what they are expecting from you.

Your brand is the total of people’s perception of your content, vision and product. The difference of customers buying from you and your competitors is branding.

Define your brand identity starts with understanding your present brand identity. If you don’t know yours, here are seven essential questions that can help you define your brand.

the brand purpose gives you the answer for the why

1. Why does your company have to exist?

This is a question that must come to your mind as a business owner and ask yourself why your company exists. What is your brand purpose? Think about why your customers should care about your product and company.

The best businesses follow the Golden circle concept they pay attention to the “why” behind their business rather than what they do and how they do it

Every business knows what they are creating, but very few know how they make their products outside of monetary profit. Customers don’t buy what you do but they buy why you do it. Your branding should resonate with your mission and vision statement

2. Why did customers believe you over your competitors?

It is essential you have the knowledge about your competitors, and also understand what makes you special and different from your computer competitors. What makes customers or client purchase your product over competitors?

You can’t be better than your competitors in everything, but your organization must be greater than each competitor at something. Perhaps you have good customers, or your organization caters more to a niche market than any other business. Begin by starting a SWOT analysis to determine what your organization does better than each competitor.

what is your brand voice

3. What problem can you help your customers to find a solution to?

While it can be simple to get wrapped up in your product features, it is essential you think about the problem your customers are facing.

Is your product missing out what you customers what? When it comes to helping customers’ problems, what are competitors missing out. It is essential that you make an outstanding first experience.

Learn about your target customers want, desire, behavior and know about their concern about a specific product or the company itself. Create an interview for your potential customers on how to make a better solution to their wants and desires. This can help you find a piece of better information about your product before the competitors.

4. What is your story?

For define your brand, one of the most essential things is to understand how you tell the story of your brand. Telling a story about your brand is a way to create a relationship with your customers.

When you’re telling the story, it is essential you talk about the hero in your company, the person who has made it because of your company. People don’t only want to hear about why you build company, they also want to know about how it has helped others to become successful.

Telling your story is a great chance for you to tell your success stories while sharing your brand vision with your employees and customers. Tell the story of customers that you are most happy to have help.

5. What brand are your looking up to?

What brand are you looking up to when you’re starting your business?  You might likely borrow some idea or knowledge from other great organization when you started your company.

Looking at brand that motivate you can give you a good indicator of the value that is most important to your  brand, and also make sure that the values are applied to your company, you don’t have to follow their ways completely, but you can get some of their knowledge and change it into your own.

6. What are the characteristics your employees will use to describe your brand today?

How will your employees describe your brand? How many employees know your company’s vision and mission? The employee’s insight about your organization is always different from yours. Finding out more about your company from your employees by calling a meeting to bring everyone together and figure out what your employees see in your company.

By figuring out this characteristic of what your employees see in your company if you are consistent about how you want the employees to view your company. If you are not consistent with it, then it’s the high time you start thinking about how to change that perception.

7. What is your brand voice?

Your brand voice is the soul and heart of your transmission. Your brand voice is the sound in which you speak to and connect with your customer. Identifying your brand voice will help your employees to interact well over social media and interview. Furthermore, it helps define your brand.

Whether your brand voice is informative, authoritative, fun or serious, your voice must be real. Customers are likely to purchase a product from a company that they connect with an emotional level. Figure out the voice the rhyme best with your Brand’s features and vision and put it into everything that your employees create.

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Gergo Simara

Logo Designer | Web Designer | UX Designer | Father | Thinker | Creative Person

I am a Web and Logo designer based in Leicester, Oakham with a passion in helping small businesses and individuals to tell their stories through graphic design. I connect them to the right audience and assist them to become a powerful brand! When I’m not helping others kick-start their dream project, I am soaking up a new book or sketching my ideas.

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