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You’ve probably heard the words that shake the business world – customer-centricity. Modern businesses took a turn, thanks to all the technological advancements. Now, the focus is on the customer rather than sales.

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Why? – This new customer approach is the most lucrative way to generate new revenue streams. Mobile applications and the digital web are handy tools that businesses use to understand their customers, their needs, wants, and expectations.

Furthermore, these advanced tools provide the means to exceed those expectations in the most intuitive ways. Businesses must understand the role of two determining factors of their success which is, without doubt, the next big thing in design:

  • The user interface or UI
  • The user experience or UX

With that in mind, we will mention why it’s crucial to understand UI and UX, how these factors will benefit your business, and what the next significant trends in UX-UI design are.

Understanding UX and UI designs

When we say user experience, what we mean is taking different methods and approaches to ensure that a business provides services, products, and customer experiences that match the exact needs of users.

Three things make an outstanding UX:

  • Ease of use
  • Intuition
  • Appearance

Now, the user interface is another thing that businesses need to understand. Most consumers are mobile nowadays, which means they mostly interact with companies via mobile applications. UI is a feature of a mobile app that allows the interaction between consumers and businesses. Consumers interact on a product through UI.

More importantly, with the most advanced chatbot and artificial intelligence technologies, businesses can utilize the most intuitive UI that anticipates user preferences and provides them with the UX they expect.

So, what makes a great UI design? The answer is rather simple:

  • Accessibility
  • Efficacy
  • Responsiveness
  • Aesthetics
  • Consistent layout
  • Graphics
  • Ease of use
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The Importance of UX/UI

The consumers are the ones that will promote your business much better than any marketing strategy. Therefore, UX/UI you provide plays a huge part in working together toward prosperity. That’s why UX/UI is essential as it helps you grow your business into a successful enterprise.

Here are some of the benefits of UX/UI.

Attracting Users to Inspire Engagement

The first impression is vital to attracting and engaging new users. That’s why your user experience has to be perfect from the first interaction. Your UX/UI will decide whether they’ll engage with your brand or move on.

The user interface should be easy to navigate and transparent, allowing your users to find what they’re looking for easily. This will keep them engaged with the brand while creating a fantastic UX that keeps the users interested.

Ease of Use

Once you’ve launched your app into the target market, the next step is to provide a solution that will make it easy to use. The best way to do so is by providing a combination of UX and UI. Modern users love comfort, convenience, and ease of use.

Apps tailored to their preferences make their lives easier and keep them satisfied. When users are satisfied, it’s much easier to achieve your marketing and business goals. Make your apps user-friendly, allow them to browse through the content with ease, and keep it simple.

User Retention

The key to business success is to keep consumers coming back. Since we live in a visual world, your user interface is vital to the user experience you provide. Remember, the first impression is everything. If you provide the highest quality UX/UI, it will make your users come back.


It’s crucial to think about the user when developing a user interface. That proves that you understand how a target audience feels about your brand. Before you start providing a user experience that your consumers will understand and appreciate, you need to think about the user-centric approach.

The easiest way to apply UX to your user-centric approach is by keeping in mind that your UX/UI is for the users. The iterative design maximizes usability, which provides an excellent user experience.

Business Growth

Both UX and UI are aimed at increasing user satisfaction, and the more they are satisfied, the more they will use, which leads to business success. The more the technology advances, the bigger the need for UX/UI design as both help build brand value, awareness, and recognition.

You need this to grow a business and increase revenue, but more importantly, UX/UI helps develop products that offer solutions to real problems users have. This converts to consumer retention and satisfaction, and everybody wins.

Next Big Trends in UX-UI Design

Now that we’ve introduced you to what UX and UI are and why they matter in the business world, let’s look at some of the next UX/UI design trends.

1. Personalized experiences

Mass production, sales-and-sales-only, and similar ideologies are in the past in 2019. The markets are overcrowded with brands trying to sell, but that’s not what consumers want. They expect more.

Modern companies rely on advanced technological solutions like AI and chatbots to understand what their consumers want. Their goal is to provide a more personalized customer experience on an individual level.

2. Storytelling

User experience isn’t something that you offer right next to your products. It’s what is expected from your brand. You can have the best products in the world, but if your UX is weak, your sales will go down.

The only way to stand out from the rest is by providing an excellent and seamless UX. And, to do that, you need an attention-grabbing and memorable backstory. Design products that have a backstory of their own to improve the UX, as it will help your consumers relate to your brand.

3. Responsive UX

The creative design services industry is rapidly expanding, which means that businesses need to develop a multi-channel approach when delivering their UX.

That means that businesses depend on responsive UX designs, and they will continue to do so with the rise of the digital experiences. A company should be able to provide a seamless experience across multiple channels and mobile devices.

4. Video content

One of the biggest trends in advertising is using video content for marketing promotion. Using video content to promote your brand, business, products, and so on is much more effective than any other form of content. That’s why it’s an inevitable part of a modern UXD.

5. Purposeful animation

Animation and visualization took the world by storm quickly. There’s just so much you can do with these technologies. Motion design can be a handy tool in attracting new audiences, conveying the brand’s message, and promoting business.

The best thing about animation is that you can excitingly convey a lot of data, which is quite helpful in business promotion.


Nothing is permanent in this modern world, as everything changes and evolves. The same goes for UX. Disruptive technologies like smart home devices, VR and AR, voice user interface, and more are massively adopted across numerous industries.

The emergence of new technologies has changed the way consumers behave and interact with the brands, which calls for new solutions and experiences.

The evolution of user-centric creative design services will continue to unfold, and it’s safe to say that UX is now pretty much the core of every business. As businesses change, so will the emerging UX trends. It is hence safe to say that UX-UI Design is the next big thing in design, changing the way we perceive design.

Photo by Alvaro Reyes on Unsplash

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