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Gergo Simara
Gergo Simara

I love creating beautiful, smart and inspired web designs, logos and brand identities
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A freelancing logo designer is such a complicated profession. Believe me, most freelancers are beasties but they get ignored and underrated. While it is difficult to detect the activities of freelance logo designers, a good percentage of them do not work for promotions or free. A recent study claims that most of these logo designers are working for clients getting no pay. This isn’t good and so freelance designers must try to act professionally while dealing with their clients. In this article, I will share why it is important to bet professional as a graphic designer.

As a freelance logo designer, it is necessary to have an initial discussion with the client providing the design assignment/brief. This discussion will go a long way to help the designer in knowing exactly what the client needs (design requirements) to meet up with the expectations.

Most freelance designers are very creative and passionate about their work. They try to communicate their client’s business, product, or service to their targeted audience in simple prints or logo designs. There are some repelling traits portrayed by most designers that affect everything about them. These traits sometimes lead them to not get paid after designing a client’s work. Those who act sensibly always find their way to getting additional works after finishing a client’s logo design project.

Professional ways to deal with clients’ requests


Do not exceed the boundary

Because we would not want to mess with the client, we should cross the boundary trying to please clients. Some of these clients know what they want but will try to make it seem difficult for the freelance designer.

Read the mind of the client

We have talked about starting up an initial consultation with the clients to determine what they need. In the consultation these are things to watch out for;

  • Know if they have a specific budget
  • Watch out for their mode of response
  • See if they try to maneuver basic questions

This way, you’ll note the important or serious clients to work with.

Initiate a contract/write a proposal

In your proposal, specify the scope of the work. Outline in detail everything that would be covered in the project and let the client know if there is extra revision fees. If the client is the one submitting an agreement, do well to go through contents before accepting to sign it. Ensure you understand everything written in there before commencing to do the job.

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Gergo Simara

Gergo Simara

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I am a Web and Logo designer based in Leicester, Oakham with a passion in helping small businesses and individuals to tell their stories through graphic design. I connect them to the right audience and assist them to become a powerful brand! When I’m not helping others kick-start their dream project, I am soaking up a new book or sketching my ideas.

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