La' Roi

Logo design for an urban clothing brand

Be a king, conquer all

The Mission

La’ Roi is a high-end urban streetwear brand. The company designs and sells bespoke hoodies.

As a brand led business, they will use the logo on all clothing released by the company. Therefore, it was important that the logo is versatile, so the logo can work on clothing, packaging, and small items.

The Output

Before started with designing a logo, we started with a brand strategy session to find all the necessary information to design a new brand identity. Most importantly with the strategy we eliminated the guesswork.

The Impact

As a result, with the new identity, La’ Roi can increase brand recognition and start new marketing campaigns, creating merchandise that looks awesome and on the other hand brings more and more people to their tribe.


La’ Roi


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Crafting two design
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Logo design for an urban clothing brand

The owner of the brand already had ideas about what element he wanted incorporated in the design. During the design phase, I found out that La’ Roi means The King, so the crown was a must include part of the design. As a result of this limitation, I have spent a lot of time with the exploration process and tried to draw as many crown symbols as possible. The crown is a common element in the logo design industry. I wanted to create something what is not similar to the designs what are already on the market. Hence, the reason you see the stylized crown symbol. Finding the perfect solution was an exciting creative challenge.  

The Challenge

Therefore, for this project, I had a challenge to design two logos with similar looks but still different from each other. For example, my idea was to craft two custom typeface, a handwritten, and a block type for their project with the crown symbol used for both design. Firstly, the strong typefaces and the stylized crown make the designs look stylish and also identifiable in their industry. Secondly, this allows the new business to differentiate from other clothing retailers within the urban streetwear fashion sector. In conclusion, the design is simple and can be used in any colour and size.

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