La’ Roi

La' Roi - Logo Design

La’ Roi is a high-end urban streetwear brand who design and sell bespoke hoodies. The owner of the new fashion company contacted me to design two new logo for their start up project. As result of the cooperation they have finally received the logo designs what are presented below.

La' Roi - Project Description

As a brand led business, the logo will be used on all clothing released by the company. Therefore it was important that the logo be incredibly versatile, so the logo can work effectively on clothing, on packaging, as well as on small items.

The owner of the brand already had ideas what element he wanted incorporated in the design. During the design phase, I was found the meaning of La’ Roi what means The King so first of all the crown was a must included part of the design. Due to this limitation I have spent lot of time with the exploration process and tried to draw as many crown symbol as possible. The crown is a very common element in the logo design industry. I wanted to create something what is not similar to the designs what are already on the market. Hence the reason you see the stylized crown symbol. Finding the perfect solution was an exciting creative challenge.   

Two custom typeface was designed for this project as the client wanted to use a handwritten and an another block type typeface for their project with the crown symbol used for both design. The impactful typefaces and the stylized crown makes this design look stylish, and also uniquely identifiable in the industry. This allows the new business to differentiate from other clothing retailers within the urban streetwear fashion sector. The design is very simple and can be used in any colour and size

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