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When you start a business, you have to consider many things before it goes live. Having a bulletproof brand identity is one of these things. A logo design is a part of the brand, and it will help identify and differentiate your business. However, a logo is not your brand and you will know the differences. In addition, reading a lot of brands and logo design information gives your business an advantage against the unprepared competition. 

Firstly, you can find out why is branding so important and how to start the branding process. Secondly, you will gain knowledge about web and logo design as well as have a basic understanding about brand strategy and why is it necessary. Also, if you are serious about creating a long relationship with your clients or customers, you need to put your branding right firstly. Moreover, a well-thought brand strategy can give your business a massive boost. Finally, if all the brand identity and related assets (logo design, business card, stationary etc…) are aligned and resonate with the end user you are reducing the risk of a re-branding process and can save time and money that you can invenst in marketing. 

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