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Why you should have a logo?

A good logo design can make a great first impression on your brand and send significant messages to the clients about your business. Also, it identifies your business and differentiates you from the competition and reflects professionalism. A design that is based on strategical thinking should work for you and will help to achieve goals and make your business more profitable.

Successful branding has to do with telling your customers that will influence their emotions. This is the simple truth. Even though the logo design is only an aspect of the organization’s brand. It acts as the foundation of the whole narrative that you built the brand on. The fonts, tones, and colors are determined by the story you are making efforts to tell and your logo aids in setting up the stage.

Why work with me?

Unlike many designers, I take the time to learn and understand the business story, its mission, vision, and target audience. From this, I create a list of goals which the new identity needs to meet.

During the design phase, using the goals as reference, I will use mind-mapping and visual brainstorming techniques to explore many ideas and directions for your logo. Starting with pencil and paper, I will draw many logo concepts before working on a computer to create scalable vector artwork using Adobe Illustrator.

By using vector software, I create a scalable design that can be easily reproduced at any size with no loss of quality. This means you will have professional, high-quality results every time, no matter what size your logo needs to be.

The logo design created for your business won’t just stand out from the crowd but will become a timeless expression of your business identity. This will allow you to have a symbol that will successfully communicate, engage with, and keep your audience more effectively than before.
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What will you get?

Once the logo is complete, the design will be provided to you in numerous formats. This includes vector files (Ai, EPS, SVG and PDF) and well as raster formats (JPEG and PNG). Along with this, a supporting usage document will be included. Unlike some companies, you will also own full copyright to your design.

I can offer additional design services to extend your brand identity. This includes website development, business cards, stationery, brochures, illustration and more. Once complete I will supply print ready artwork so you can get everything printed yourself, or help with printing can be provided if preferred.
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My logo design process


Creating logo design based on a strategic thinking is a vital point for a successful brand. I will consult you to understand your business goals, competition, and audience. During this phrase, we will work together to answer all the questions to create a rock solid fundamental for your logo design.

The next part of my design process is research and doing some field work. Learning about the industry and the direct & indirect competitors ensures me to create the most suitable design for your business or product. During the process, I can determine how to make your design unique and different from others on your field to make a chance your business is more recognizable.  

Concept Development

I believe in the creative process. When I work on logo designs, I find it beneficial to start with exploration. I use various idea generation techniques, such as word mapping, brainstorming, and drawing. The best logos always start with paper and pencil or tablet & touch pen; However, I prefer the old school way. At this stage, I sketch any idea coming to my mind. During this phrase, I explore many potential ideas. Also, the drawing opens the creative bucket, and this stage gives me the power to create many concepts to start with. 

Logo Design Creation

Once I am ready with the exploration process and have strong concepts, I will work on digital versions and create the strongest design ideas in vectorised format. This allows you to scale the design without losing the quality; Most printing services will require it. At this stage, I still work to improve the design so you will receive the best solution to resonate with your target audience.

Logo Guidelines

You are happy with your new logo design. The next thing we need to do is make sure it is displayed consistently across all the platforms and mediums. I will provide you with a style guidelines document that gives you detailed information on how to use the logo and the colour, fonts, sizes & spacing.

Creation of Brand Assets & Support

Once the logo is completed, I will create copies in all the major file formats and various sizes. Depending on what we agreed on, I will also create stationery or other artworks. I’ll be available to help and support you ongoing. I will also assign copyright of the logo over to you upon final payment.
*on average, a logo design project takes 2-6 weeks. This can be longer if there is the addition of a brand workshop and brand book. Time scale also depends on agreed milestones in the project being met by both parties.

Make your business stand out!

Every project has different needs, deliverables and I use an extensive logo design process for all the projects. Because of these I am not able to give a set price for a logo. Please provide as much information as you can about your business. This will give me a better understanding, and it allows me to give you a more accurate estimate on the final price.
Logo design starts from £350
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