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The Next Big Things in UX-UI Design

You’ve probably heard the words that shake the business world – customer-centricity. Modern businesses took a turn, thanks to all the technological advancements. Now, the focus is on the customer rather than sales. Why? – This new customer approach is the most lucrative way to generate new revenue streams. Mobile applications and the digital web

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brand personality cover image

Brand Personality- How to create one?

Having a clear brand personality creates an identity which can be memorable, growing customer loyalty and making a brand people are passionate about. We can create a personality without even meaning to, for example, through the tone of voice and language you use across your brand’s channels. When the personality of a brand is taken into consideration, you can

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Brand Tone of voice: How Can Brands Benefit?

A brand tone of voice is vital in creating a memorable and relatable company. While many sees a logo as a pivotal part of branding, this is only one small part of it. How potential customers and audience members view a brand is a bigger picture. The tone of voice makes a brand seem likeable, or if

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