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Mountain High Consultants - Logo Design

The company is established in 2003, MHC is a privately owned crew solutions and aviation consultancy company. Their fields of specialty are Recruitment, Contracting and Payroll Support, HR and Training Administration, and Aviation Insurance arrangements.

The company has approached me with a need of renew their old logo. They wanted to have something simple yet unique mark what makes them different from their competitors. It was also important that the design appeals to clients who want to have quality service. As they are working aviation industry some part of the aircraft was a must include element in the logo design. They also requested an online and a printable tri-fold brochure.



Designing the logo

I started working on this logo and explored various routes during the design process. However, the strongest direction came when drawing an oval type concept with a plane shape in it. I found out that this shape will work very well with the oval shape what will form the “C” letter in the MHC logo. I have discussed this idea with the client who was happy to go down on this route. Also, the “C” letter can be used as an individual mark for the company. This variation of the logo can be recognizable easily for further clients. To push the idea further, I created a custom type for the main design element. The final results from that development work have been presented here as part of the final logo design.

To compliment the bold logo type I used a thin, serif typeface that has added fresh feel to it. Whilst being simple and looking professional, the characteristics of the typeface also allows it to feel honest and serious.

Nature of the style of the logo I have used only two colour for the logo. For the reason that, I used blue as the main and grey as the secondary colour this variation gives some dept to the logo design.

The final result is a very stylised and serious logo design that’s simple, yet contemporary logo. That will work well on any online platform as well as on printed materials.

To see more examples of my logo design work take a look at my logo design portfolio, or use the contact form if you are interested in a logo being designed for you and your business.


New logo design
The old version of the logo

Exploration phase

After the sketching process I have created a digital version of the logo design and explored some more options of it to find out which the best possible option for the mark. On the picture below you can see my process of exploring various options on the logo.

Color selection

The final version of the symbol has been selected. Also, I used a sans serif typeface to support the MHC custom type. I have explored some colour option for the design. I did know what colours I want to use but I wasn’t sure of the shade of it.

Finally, we have settled at a dark blue and a light blue gradient. However, it was very important that the design is working in monochrome version as it will be used on different platforms and materials. 

After the finishing the logo design. I was requested to create an online brochure and a printable tri-fold leaflet. 

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