Ouse Valley Eagles

Ouse Valley Eagles - Brand Identity

Ouse Valley Eagles logo evolution – Respect the past, represent the future.

The american football team have represented the cutting edge of design within the British american football since their inception in 2013. I re-branded their appearance and create their logo. 

Before - After



The updated logo reflects today’s club the design honours the past while evolving into the future. The iconic ‘O’ remains, but updated to reflect our rich history. A new Fused ‘O’ icon represents the coming together of Milton Keynes Pathfinders and Bedford Blue Raiders to form the current club. Also, the Fused ‘O‘  better identifies with the Ouse Valley region with the ‘O’ and the ‘V’ forged together into one, representing the strength and toughness of the region.


The new purple represents the clubs heritage, combining the Blue of Bedford with the Red of Milton Keynes to form a bold and rich colour that will form the backbone of the club for the future. The silver and white primary colours remain unchanged.


The wings remain, in a more contemporary, simplified version. It is representing the clubs future aspirations and incorporating the club’s motto, “Alis Volat Propriis – One Flies with One’s Own Wings” into their logo. Spread your wings…

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