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Latest Logo Design Projects

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British American Football Team established in 2013. 

Urban streetwear brand who design and sell bespoke hoodies. 

Ascot is a company who offer high-end footwear products. 1972 is the casual leather footwear line. 

The unleashr team delivering exceptionally effective life-transformation programmes.

Sports Heaven is a wholesale retailer specialized for sports equipment and game uniforms. 

MHC is a privately owned crew solutions and aviation consultancy company. 

Pecs Legioners is an American Football Team in Hungary. 

The logo is one of the most important parts of your brand

A good logo can make a great first impression on your brand and send significant messages to the clients about your business. Great logo design identifies your business and differentiates you from the competition and reflects professionalism. The logo should work for you and will help to achieve goals and make your business more profitable.

Brand Strategy

Every logo design process needs to have a strategy. Creating a Brand Strategy for your business helps to understand your goals, target audience and competition. Without a strategy, the logo is just an image.

Brand Creativity

Drawing is the creative process that the designer uses to explore many ideas and concepts. A good logo design starts with paper and pencil. See my process here!


Logo Design

Designing the most suitable logo for a business is not an easy process. It requires research, thought and attention to ensure that the final logo design reflects the right message of your brand.


A good logo and graphic designer never stops learning. I’m improving my skills and learning new ones, and always up to date with trends, techniques. I create graphic 
to solve specific problems.

UK based Logo Designer Leicester area

I am Greg a logo designer Leicester, Oakham with a passion in helping small businesses and individuals build their brand and tell their stories through graphic designing.  It gives me the power to impact my client’s businesses and I can leave my mark for the future! When I’m not helping others kick-start their dream project, I am soaking up a new book or sketching my ideas. 
A logo without a strategy is only an image!

Do you have any logo or brand related questions?

I truly give each project my all. That’s why I only take 3 clients a month.

Logo Design Blog

what is a brand vision?

What is a brand vision?

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7 Essential Questions to Define Your Brand

Branding is one of the most crucial parts of your business. A powerful brand identity increases the worth of your organization, it inspires and gives direction to employees. Branding helps you to recognize a product and distinguish it from another product. Branding is essential because it creates a memorable impression on customers and also allows

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brand purpose is the why of your business


When you’re trying to specify your brand purpose that means the “why behind your brand”, which is the main reason your company exist. A brand purpose describes the importance of an organization. It is what an organization needs to stand out from other organizations, your brand as to be different from other brands, it has

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What do people say about me?

Maysoun NafdhaFounder - Britmed
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Greg was excellent. He listened to what I said, took any leads or feedback seriously and shared with me his work every step of the way. He also gave me his advice when I pressed him. Overall a good experience. I look forward to working with him further on my project and I would sincerely recommend him to others.
Ariana MaraOwner/Director - unleashr
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I have been working together with Greg on various projects already and he proved to be a creative professional with great skills to quickly grasp the essence of the projects and what I was looking for.
Olivia EmeryDigital Executive Mountain high consultants
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I have used Greg's services for a new company logo and leaflet designs. He was very professional and came up with some very creative ideas. He was extremely helpful and was able to make amendments to the designs based on feedback from myself and my team.
Dylan HullOwner - Buzz
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Greg was brilliant start to finish. His well set out process from pen & paper to digitalised was very encouraging right from the start. His attention to detail on the concept brief was brilliant, as well as willingness to give his advice and the end product in different formats was appreciated.

Designing the best logo design solution is not a quick process.

A good brand always has a strategy in place to ensure the final logo design targets the correct market, audience and reflects the right message to the clients. It requires research, thought and attention. A poorly designed logo will have a negative effect on your brand; However, a well designed logo can transform a business by attracting the right people. 
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Brand Identity and Logo Designer Leicester, Oakham, Rutland.

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