Sports Heaven

Logo Design - Sports Heaven

Sports Heaven USA is a wholesale retailer in Washington. They are specialized for sports equipment and game uniforms. I was requested to a create a re-brand for this company.

Project Description

I refreshed the old logo and kept all the elements what it had. The letter ‘S’ ,wing and the halo. After a long drawing process I came with the idea what you see below. 

I incorporated the letter into a circle shape what reflects a basketball ball. I gave a fresh look for the design and created to be similar for sports team logos. The color choice is reflecting a youth look. 

The website design was kept very clear and contemporary. I created a simple user experience until the check out. Created a big billboard image what will catch the attention for further details and has call to action link. 

Before - After

Old Logo

New Logo

Colour Variation


Coloured Option

White Option

Dark Option

Web Design

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