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sportsheaven logo design for football retailer

The Mission

Sports Heaven USA is a wholesale retailer in Washington DC. They are specialized for sports equipment and game uniforms. Their logo needed a refreshment as the old design was outdated. As the business is established for a long time, I had to approach the process carefully as the current client base already recognizing the element of the logo.  

The Output

Redesigned the logo with all the restriction the company has. We kept the elements of the original version of the logo while giving a more contemporary and sports style look to the brand. 

The Impact

Since we redesigned the logo the customer base has increased. It is more friendly and easily recognizable. The logo design is versatile so it can be used on different merchandise, labels and platforms. 

Sports Heaven

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of the

After the discovery session, we have agreed to keep the elements of the original logo design. The first challenge was how to implement a wing and a halo into a simple logo design that can be used on different platforms. It was very important that the logo working in monochrome and one colour version as they will print it as well as embroider it on labels, uniforms and clothes. 

I refreshed the old logo and kept all the elements what it had. The letter ‘S’, wing and the halo. After a long drawing process, I came up with the idea of what you see above. 
I incorporated the letter into a circle shape what reflects a basketball ball. Kept the halo but attached to the letter “S” and now they are working together. The design only have one wing on the left side and this gives a feeling of a movement to the whole design and it is more dynamic.The final logo design was crafted to be similar for sports team logos.

The website design is clear and user friendly. I crafted a simple user experience is straightforward until the checkout. The big billboard image will catch the attention for further details and has a call to action button. The website has generated more sales as the user journey is more simple and the payment method is smooth.

Original Logo Design
sportsheaven logo design for football retailer
New Logo Design Symbol
sportsheaven logo design concept on tshirt mockup
sportsheaven varsity jacket
sportsheaven logo design concept on hoodie material
sports heaven usa logo design on a sweatshirt label
sports heaven usa logo design on a label tag

Color & Material

The design using the shade of different orange colours. My intention was to give a youthful look to the brand as their main target audience are youth sport programs. For the better contrast, I have added a black colour to the palette. As they will use this logo on a lot of different materials and platforms, it has to work in one colour.  

sportsheaven logo design

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