unleashr - Logo Design

The unleashr team inspire female professionals & entrepreneurs to fulfil their aspirations through delivering exceptionally effective life-transformation programmes.

Discovering the perfect logo design solution for unleashr

Theri original logo was included a phoenix what is symbolize the transformation what their clients going through during the programs.

I made the design more simple and I rather used less colours to make it more recognizable. First of all this project has started on paper as this is the first step of my logo design process. During the drawing method I was explored more option however I have settled at the below design.

My initial focus was to design a new phoenix symbol. Various routes were explored during the idea generation phase of the logo design process. I have changed the direction of element  for the reason that, now it has a movement and it is more dynamic. It also has a high-end aesthetic to it due to the realistic proportions and style used. It was the perfect balance of aesthetic features the design needed. 

To support the new symbol, a clean, sharp sans serif typeface was chosen. The position of the typeface is helping to show the movement in the symbol it also giving a greater sense of professionalism and trust needed with a high-end service. 

The old version of the phonex logo

Exploration phase

As a result the sketching process I have moved to the next stage and created a digital version of the logo design and explored some more options of it to find out which position is the best for the wing and also tried some extra element for the fire tail.

Color selection

The final version of the symbol has been selected. Also, I used a sans serif typeface to support the phoenix symbol. I have explored some colour option for the design. I did know what colours I wanted to use but I wasn’t sure of the shade of it.

You can see the colour exploration and the progress of the colour. Finally, I have settled at the rose colour what is most importantly matching with the brand archetype. Below you can see at the final version of the logo design.

Due to finishing the logo design I was requested to create some more graphic design for the company. They asked me to create some badge type of design what can be used for different types of achiever styles. If you would like to find out yours and would like to know how it can help for you just follow the link and take the test.

Hire me if you want to process or contact me if you have any further question!