Logo Design for unleashr

Brand Identity for a Repeated-Success-Mindset Mentoring business.

unleashr logo design with typography

The Mission

Nowadays, the world is buzzing from views about women not having the chance to reach heights men do. But the success is not outside. It is inside all of us, it is inside you. Living an authentic life or repeating good results is not only the path to a better career or wealth, it is an essential element of happiness and mental health. Also, we all deserve happiness and health and the unleashr team is dedicated to help you make it happen.

They help female professionals live a purposeful life and build a repeated-success-mindset, so they make only those compromises they feel comfortable making. We are supporting the brand with the new unleashr logo design.

The Output

As a results of a brand strategy session, we identified the target audience after the session we agreed on to redesign the logo. Furthermore, we have developed two new web design to increase visibility for the different branches of the business..

The Impact

Since the project has launched, the unleashr has been a tremendous success, helping to women professionals to achieve their dream. They are providing a massive amount of content on their site and they have a microlearning page too. The company has increased their engagement throughout all of their platforms after finishing the project. In addition, they have developed a a mentoring program that will be available soon on their website.

UnleashR Limited

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Identity Design
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Book Cover
Promotional Design
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unleashr book cover design
un;eashr logo design
unleashr book inside design

Give dynamism
to the

Logo Design for a mentoring business.

The original unleashr logo design includes a phoenix that symbolizes the transformation of their clients through the programs. This was the first challenge I have faced. Keep the original symbol and give better understand to it. In other words, the logo needs to send the right message to their audience.

During the logo design process, my focus was on making the design more simple, and rather used fewer colours to make it more recognizable and feminine. In addition, this project has started with a solid brand strategy session to find out the target market and identify the message so the brand can be attractive to the right audience. The first steps in my concept development process is drawing. As a result of this phase, I have explored many possible directions. However, we have settled at the phoenix symbol.

The initial focus was to design a new phoenix symbol. Furthermore, I explored various routes during the idea generation phase. Changed the direction of the phoenix now it is more dynamic and gives a feeling of a movement. The symbol also has a high-end aesthetic to it because of the realistic proportions and style used. It was the perfect balance of aesthetic features of the design needed. 

Second challenge was to find the right typography to support the new symbol. I chose clean, sharp Sans Serif typeface with rounded edges. Therefore, the position of the typeface is helping to show movement in the symbol, it also gives a greater sense of professionalism and trust needed with a high-end service. 

Old logo design
unleashr logo design with typography
New Phoenix Logo
unleashr logo design sketch
unleashr logo design sketch


As a result of the sketching process, I moved to the next stage and created a digital version of the logo design. Above all I have explored more options to find out which position is the best for the wing and also tried some extra element for the fire tail.

UnleashR_ Logo_phoenix

Color & Material

I have explored some colour options for the design. I knew what colours would suit best for the case, but I wasn’t sure of the shade. Finally, we have selected the final version of the symbol. As a result of this process, we have settled at the rose colour what matches the brand archetype. 

unleashr logo design colour exploration
unleashr logo design colour exploration
uleasht logo design mockup linyard
unleashr logo design grey scale version
unleashr logo design with typography
unleashr logo design on the water badge
unleashr logo design on the grass badge
unleashr logo design on the firebadge
unleashr logo design on the earth badge
unleashr logo design on the crystal badge
unleashr logo design on the air badge
unleashr logo badge mpckup
logo designer leicester - unleashr brand identity and logo design uk
unleashr logo design
unleashr logo design backpack mock up
unleashr logo design without tagline

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